Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best artistic macro shots in the Close Up Art Photo Contest with chances to win a Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Janice Sullivan for her collaboration as a guest judge.  Janice Sullivan is a Fine Art Photographer who specializes in Macro, Landscape and Historical Travel Imagery. When Janice isn’t out photographing, she is working at The Arcanum as a Master Photographer and is an educator at Janice’s work has been published in Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography and Nik Software as well as a variety of online articles and newsletters. She enjoys working with the hospitality industry and has her images in Hotels and Restaurants around the United States and Canada.

"Face to face" by biker11

"rosa tuneada" by carmenvich

"wargame I" by kikooleagavargas

"Two curious snails" by albertoghizzipanizza

"IMG_2287" by christinaagoris

"Ice" by anetacoufalova

"15" by (A)AlexanderGornikiewicz

"Munching Snail" by FalconEyesPhotography

"Red-eyed Tree Frog" by DanielParent

"image" by (A)keithtrueman

"Ascidian" by bangunusahari

"Theos Garden: Peach Dahlia" by jillianfrancoishocker

"In my little house" by mattcreation

"Wise One" by amyholley

"spring is coming " by Franknaba

"Dandelion o" by Alexander_Sviridov

"Carrhotus xanthogramma " by kutubuddin

"Ladybug ll" by Grestrepo13

"Puny_Humans" by keithtalbot

"Delicius breakfast!" by soheilphoto

"Red eye tree frog" by andrewrundgren

"Pelican Splash" by ryanramsamy

"Water droplets" by MaarjaT

"Bee in flower" by nedkov

"Blue Rays" by (A)Structor

"Clear Water Splash" by (A)chriscupit

"Pulsatilla patens" by lszlpotozky

"Faded Rise UP" by ABMC1

"Owl Eye" by melissapapaj

"Dew-Laden Moss" by Ceallach

"The King of The World" by Florianpascual

"Mushrooms in Hobbiton" by Dolcefoto

"Raccoon" by bkcrossman

"Tiny lady bug" by nataliadobrescu

"Fairy Garden" by nig2000

"into the blue" by Pascale

"Creepy Bug" by (A)Ruchelle24

"Deep Blue" by Basciano_Photography

"twin" by (A)yuliantopongge

""lovers: water planets"" by jasonbassett

"A Friend" by (A)yusriharisandi

"Veins" by mandypiccolo

"Mo'o Sweet Treat" by petertang

"Elephant in Savuti" by vtustin

"Flesh Fly" by tonyawilhelm

"Bee on Flower" by Mkahn4321

"I will be there" by TheresaD

"Mushroom Morning" by DaveCornelison

"IMG_6491-c" by JolyneH

"Iris Beard" by blairwacha

"glowing mushroom" by (A)drbonn

"Tiger Moth sparkels " by leonhugo

"DSCF1762a" by nikosladic

"snail pull" by keyllen

"Keeping an eye on you" by kdooley

"Droplet Fly" by sillypigsplay

"Infinity" by krvarga

"Puffed" by stephenvantuyl

"Giraffe" by Macrero

"Swinging" by Deboodle

"Spider" by joelcalheiros

"Angry Ant" by Andreas_Voigt

"dinner" by adrianmaltby