Young Male Lion getting too close by TrekLightly
Golden boy by jonste
Lion cub on the hunt! by kimpaffen
The young couple by NellyMorisot
King Of The Night by marselvanoosten
Morning stroll by davidyack
After the Kill by Pixelated-Earth
IMG_7782LeopardInWaiting by KarenCelella
Seronera Boy by thomasretterath
Brothers in Arms by Batu
Playtime at the waterhole by Nats6
Enkoveni Lion 22 by Karl-Heinz
The Mighty Vulnerable One by MadhouseHeaven
Life is a fight by Anjys
Two Elephants at Sunset in South Africa by lynnbolt
Nyoom by jonste
Tigers  by CODY307
Kudu in the Sunset by ChandraBrooks
Maasai Man by fotogurl350
Mokoro Sunset by Jtrojer
Curtsy by jonste
Nature's Old Man by ThomasDenoulet
Big male Lion walking towards the camera. by Simon_eeman
Young Tigers by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep. Vernon Howard Read more at: by wenchejostad
Afternoon Delight. by Alfredo_Jose
Spotting Prey by bylifeconnected
The king by Simon_eeman
Young leopard by Nats6
Black Rhino Challenger by masonunrau
Checking the tree by thomasretterath
Lion in the Kalahari by zistos
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