Samburu Nature Reserve - Giraffe by jacksmith219
Namibian Bamby by antonganzha
Nobility by jonste
Cheetah Cubs by Komainu85
African Elephant Portrait by CathyWithers-Clarke
Messy eater! by Simon_eeman
Zebra Jump by lmr337
Old Timer Lion by MichaelBagleyPhotography
King of the Hill by ericcriswell
Lunch time! by Simon_eeman
Riverbed Cheetah by WhistlingThorn
King of the Luangwa by kelseatroutlee
Fangs by irisbraun
DonĀ“t be afraid of the bull by thomasretterath
The essence of a leopard by truetolifephotography
Zebra in the Serengeti by Pamelabole
Cluster by halfraid
On alert by wilcoUK
A Dazzling Implausibility by mpelli
In Safe Hands by irisbraun
White Rhinos by lmr337
Curtsy by jonste
_DSC6434 by Aashiv
Lion leap by Nats6
Mirna by MarkoBeljan
Hear Me Roar! by JenniferMacleod
A lioness gazing into the setting sun  by Roanroro
The Coiffeur by charlotterhodes
Simple Joys of Life by Kris_M
Leap of Faith by charlotterhodes
Keep your distance by jonste