Last Trace in Falling Autumn Last Trace in Falling Autumn  Took this shot last Sunday. I Searched this lake near Rome at 5.30am in the pitch black in hope to find a wooden jetty along the lake. I thankfully found one after some rain. Exposed and composed  by mattbishopphotography
Stairs church  SAINT-DOMINIQUE by yannickgagnon
Coming to an end by JohnHPhotography
Old boy by chrisfischer
Savica, Croatia by Perrography
Janice 11 by premalpatel
Standing In The Shadows by jaydbone
Hers and His by Morgan_Lytle
Renaissance-rock---Blue-stone-drake by robamsbury
In the lights with Lois by premalpatel
This portrait was shot spur of the moment in the woods. Really love the mood.  by ImagerVisuals
Lighthouse Park Sunset by seppsonntag
Brandywine Falls by seppsonntag
Tiny Temper (Juvenile Coastal Carpet Python) by BrodieJames
Monarch Buttery by BorisToronto
A.ferox by JohnHPhotography
Winter In A New England Cemetery by Radiorocky
snowdrops by Atrej
dancers by Atrej
Photo  by Morgan_Lytle
Under the pier by markmorones
@°)-° - wandering by Atrej
Teton Sunrise 2135 by philipesterle
Keating Channel Sunset by BorisToronto
Australian Green Tree Python Juvenile (Morelia Viridis) by BrodieJames
Toronto from the Spit by BorisToronto
1 Silky on the rocks-9866 by jjrichards
Vintage Streetcar Stop by BorisToronto
Geranium by JohnHPhotography
First Snow on the Beach by BorisToronto
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