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MiichaelEricPhotography April 27, 2018
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MiichaelEricPhotography April 27, 2018
an awesome shot!!!
mattbishopphotography April 28, 2018
Thanks Michael? It’s a simple shot that for sure. Nothing complicated about the composition.

Last Trace in Falling Autumn Last Trace in Falling Autumn Took this shot last Sunday. I Searched this lake near Rome at 5.30am in the pitch black in hope to find a wooden jetty along the lake. I thankfully found one after some rain. Exposed and composed





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Behind The Lens

Albano Lake. A small volcanic lake half an hour drive from Rome City, Italy
Dawn, around 6.30am, just as the sun started to rise above the surrounding mountains
As I new that this day there would be a lot of storms forming around the surrounding towns of Rome, I concentrated my attention to this area knowing the the latitude and possibility of more intersting lighting from the storm formation due to the humidity from the lake would be quite evident
Camera: Pentax K1 Lens: Pentax dfa 15-30mm 2.8 Tripod: Manfrotto 055 Filters: Kase 150mm Polarizing Filter Bag: Mountainsmith Borealis
I didn’t have much time during this time of year to go away on an dedicated photographic venture, due to work and family, so as I wanted scout a new location that wasn’t far from home, where I could leave early in the morning and be home for breakfast time. Already aware of this location I decided to scout the area in google earth to find a foreground interst to the lake. I pinpointed the coordinates of this intersting wooden pier and tried to imagine the composition in my head prior to going there.
I darkened the sky slightly, reduced some saturation in some areas and added some isolated dodging and burning to areas of interest to give the shot some depth.
In my camera bag
In my Mountainsmith Borealis bag I also take 2 lens to accompany my Pentax K1; the dfa 15-30 and 24-70 2.8 lens. They cover any wide angle range of landscape photography that I require in my style of photographer. Apart from the tripod, I carry a Kase Filter system with CPL filters and Nd’s for all my lenses. I always pack a head torch to help me set up at dawn and dusk, a gortex jacket for the rainy day and some fingerless gloves.
If you don’t find time in your hectic life to get out and shoot, try researching from home local spots. Places that you can get to within half an hour. On a Sunday morning for example, you can be out at dawn, take your shots and be home for breaksfast with the family. It’s just important that you research first, and scout your location well with google earth so you don’t loose any time when you arrive at your location

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