Pine Grosbeak by deannefortnam
M Hawker by NicholasRawsthorne
Battle over a flower by AnnuO
Embrasing a Flower by AnnuO
Spotted flycatcher by Derek_Charnwood
A Swallow  by tmtburke
Black Redstart by 2himanshu
Migrant Hawker by kspindley
Manuela by anniecampbell2012
Migrant Hawker by pete_watson
Fillmore Farmworker 1983 copy by ronaldwebb
Migrant Hawker, England by davidscottrobson
Migrant Hawker in the back garden. by davidscottrobson
Scarce or Migrant Hawker. 'aeshna mixta' by Barniegoog
Air Acrobatics by windycorduroy
Migrant hawker in flight... by Grollie
Snow Goose by Take2Foto
V IS FOR VIBRANT by maxinebillings
Passing Migrants by godsbod
0188_Barn Swallow Fledglings062218_ by aviannovice
That time of the year by anttitassberg
After the fallout by godsbod
European Roller (Troupant) by connieseegers
Le Conte's Sparrow by ndejong
Dark-eyed Junco by Grenfell
Migrant Nights by DavidMBuckwalter
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