Great Spangled Fritillary by terryc
Sweet Nectar by HigginsR
Chess flower ii by RalfvonSamson
Gulf-Fritillary by HigginsR
Aphrodite Fritillary by CarolSadler
Great Spangled Fritillary by terryc
Pair of marsh fritillaries on a bluebell by davidpstephens
Butterflies by kennysalazar
A Wild, Free Flying Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) Feeding on a Texas Lantana Plant at the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas by tonybruguiere
Heavenly Nectar by HigginsR
Star-spangled Zinnia by GregFaster
The Silver-Washed Fritillary by AnnuO
Zuzana by momasko
~ Rainbow Land ~ by HenrikSpranz
Gulf Fritillary by MaggieClaire
The Language of Flowers by nina050
great-spangled-fritillary-butterfly by Thingography
Gulf Fritillary; Pre-flight by thedrcoma
Butterfly 212 by PhotographyByVinceDixon
Argynnis paphia by LookSee
The small pearl-bordered fritillary (Boloria selene) by p_vaida
Gulf Fritillary 2 by MaggieClaire
Queen of Spain fritillary,  Issoria lathonia by Porsche
Fritillary on Echinacea by deannefortnam
Fritillary by rmr731
Flying On by MaggieClaire
Worn Gulf Fritillary Butterfly on Butterfly Bush by beelady05
Shades of orange by justkim1106
Snakes Head by TerryL
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly by ChandraBrooks
Snake's head by iriswaanders
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