Queen of the Night making her grand opening. such an amazing species. Also, doesn't this look like a sea anemone?! 
 by cordiabringol
Pink Orchid Cactus by Ethanbay
Pretty in Pink by Ethanbay
Stormy Weather by dynastesgranti
Cereus Cactus (1) by zeena42
Night Star by Ethanbay
Night Star by Ethanbay
Clown epiphyllum flower art by fuxinuwa
Mother Nature's Valentine's Day by fuxinuwa
Epiphyllum by thibavelselvarajoo
Center of a white epipyhllum by fotograzio
Inside the Epiphyllum #1 by fuxinuwa
Inside the Epiphyllum #3 by fuxinuwa
Climax epiphyllum interior by fuxinuwa
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