First time doing a steel wool photo. It was amazing! Hopefully this photo inspires you to try it out!  by 8080_0408
light umbrella  by tushartyagi
From the depth. by nikolaytrebukhin
Nighttime firefun by milansmets
Winter forest full of surprises! by nikolaytrebukhin
sparky by Richardspics
Keep spinning  by williamhimmelstrup
the big one by fredcox
Abandoned sparks. by nikolaytrebukhin
Pontiac GTO by daniel_amorim
Steelwool lightpainting by MangeshSant
Playing with Fire by roselij
Light The Night  by brittbruneau
Happy War by Clarkyonline
Experiment 1 by _smurfious
Steelwool B&W by balzsdobrn
Spinning steel wool  by gregwaterman
Spinning reflection by jackgrace
Circle of Fire by Sophieosborn
Night magic by BiancaBechisi
Silo  by daniel_amorim
The belt of fire. by nikolaytrebukhin
DSC_8349_2 by balzsdobrn
golden morning by Martin_Arti
Pre-dawn steel-wool spinning by bundubasher
Steelwool by LisaAntoinettePhotography
Graffiti steelwool  by Pagie
Photo  by HyperTendencies
Mysterious Sparkles by balzsdobrn
Jason Voorhees is at his favourite place by balzsdobrn
In the Bucket by markcecilziegler