Golden showers by michelbaker
Photo  by elliottromero
Breaking Reality by BrandenU
Make it rain girl make it rain by ryansargent_5731
Portal to Act II (Diablo) by balzsdobrn
Steel Wool Spinning by Seaside_Photography
steel wool in the night by kennethliew
Fire by the bridge by Gordoncritz
We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone by WeiJunTan
Steelwool by sylvainmorizot
Geometry of sparks. by nikolaytrebukhin
Burning steel wool. Fun:-) by bennyhynes
Controlled chaos by kevinvierra
Orb Fire by bonaventura_tovic
Steelwool burning by pharjula
Framing the Orb... by StuartCrampton
Under my umbella ....  by ryansargent_5731
Ghost Train  by MtpFoto
Steelwool lightpainting by MangeshSant
Under Pressure by balzsdobrn
Steelwool Painting by takemoments
some wool fun disused rail track tunnel by grantkgillon
Spinning by DevilishImagery
Fire Twirling 3 by kyliemckay
Poles Apart by hparkesphotography
Light the bridge and watch it burn by JoeyRees
First time doing a steel wool photo. It was amazing! Hopefully this photo inspires you to try it out!  by 8080_0408
light umbrella  by tushartyagi
From the depth. by nikolaytrebukhin
Nighttime firefun by milansmets
Winter forest full of surprises! by nikolaytrebukhin