Steelwool Fun by lmr337
0R5A7326 by peteraiello
IMG_4334 by FotographyMafia
Burning Tree by wernervanzyl
1st attempt with steel wool. by mattbreeding
Experiment II - evolution  by _smurfious
Sparks under the bridge by danielwarman
Pentre Ifan Spirals by SEJPhotography
Steel wool by ivanstojan
Spark your soul  by wandererdeb
The Ritual by StuartCrampton
Under My Umbrella Ella Ella  by keanudeanpinner
Photo  by BrandonThomasPhotography
Steel Wool by lockyshoobridge
Realism. by Vrajeyy
DSC08847 by samanthatribble
Wheel of fire by PhotobyFallon
Mosquito Coast by lynngreen
Fire Wheel by FranciBarczyk
ORB by FlorendoStudioArts
IMG_3353 by danielwarman
Ring of Fire by Federico_Pinna
Old bridge fire play  by Jacques-Le-Roux
Steel Wool Spinning at Portsea by susanzentay
lightpainting by sylvainmorizot
Killed the spin by Tovic_Trw
An eye by torqueabhi
In The FIre Rain by kiramichelemohr
Sparks in the Desert. by bstevens
Fiery Slinky by doublebarrelimages
DSC_3849 by balzsdobrn