Puddle jumping on the road! by christieebusch
Sunset Reflection by holland1950m
Giotto's Tower, Florence Italy by AMills
Reflections in a Puddle  by dvierno
religious reflection by scruffyherbert
Puddle in the Forest... by jaegemt1
Tesselated Dawn by hillaryyounger
Mirror by LowKal
Splash Splash. by page_pierce-kuepper_6969
Adrift by PatECakes
Puddle at Battery Park 2016-03 by tttony
Icy Puddle by LookSee
A momentary lapse of reason by Olha_Lavrenchuk
christchurch college bw-8340 by Brielofan
Polar Puddle by rturnbow
Dark rain by StefanWitte
Rain drops  by Bobwhite
Flooded Path by stbutler
Upside down by jennycottingham
Henjo by runeaskeland
DSC_0213 -5 a little boy and a puddle. by _6854
Golden retriever reflected in puddle by judyhurley
sunset reflections 2 by susel
Reflection in the rain by anthonymannion
Puddle and the Sealink by karandeepchhabra
Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) drinking water in the Algonquin Park forest in Canada by JimCumming
Shapes of the City by tristantodd
Rainbow after the rain  by spylaw01
Molly by gins49
The Narcissist  by Girlwiththepearl
You've been thunderstood by giorgiacolletti