Standing Guard by rdbriggsphotography
I'm watching... by vickiholton
WEDDING PARTY??? by fotogal822
mum-protects by rachelurlich
Goslings with protective mother by johnpreston_5231
Firefighter Gearing Up by lynnebook
A group of goose on the lake by Roberto_Sorin
Family stays close by SLPphoto
DSC_2083 by rachelurlich
On Grard by ginnybevis
Mom & Baby by tru2u
Osprey by mleary333
Mallard Ducks On Hogg Bay by debbieglynn
Mother and child by VanessaLim
"The Mother" by akapov
On Alert  by ccmiller
Kita by musicmom5811
over protective mother by inyrdreams
Cocoa sits at the edge of the brush watching over me and my brother as we sit by the creek.  by zackjohns
Lamassu@Persepolis in B&W by avinashsrivastav
The Watchful Cat by SLPphoto
Malachite by catherinemelvin
Leave my baby alone! by DwaynesWorld
Mother's Love by CHWagner
Temple Guardian by Svea_Knetzke
DSC_0650 by rachelurlich
Rushka by Zane
Lamassu@Persepolis by avinashsrivastav
Chimpanzees  by kathleenparry