Sam the Bald Eagle by Bazz
Tiger Stare by Bazz
The Glimmer of Youth by rturnbow
Red Fox - Algonquin Park, Canada by JimCumming
Intense by BuddyBob
Wife by AlvenmodFoto
Majestic AF by lisaholloway
Guira Cuckoo #21 by Judy_zehentner
Frost by savannahdaras
Snowy Owl by Bazz
Shy by sallyG11
Black & Magic Woman by stefanschug
The Roost by Bazz
Patience by kapuschinsky
_DSC012354 by Katherinelynnphotography
Beautiful profile by antoniogirlando
Red 5 by judyhurley
Vivian by imagineit
Gorillia Stare by Bazz
Future King by Bazz
Double exposure with flowers - 2 by redteaphoto
Bean #1 - December 2015 by paleblue
on a rainy night (one) by Komjati
Desideria 7 by marcogabbuggiani
anastasia_m by ORB-Photography
Venja by ORB-Photography