Maasai Woman by KayBrewer
Kirkjufell colored by TorstenLiebert
Pumpkin Crossing by phil1
Male Cardinal Headshot  by KayBrewer
Walking the Line Till the Morning Shines by phil1
Trinity by phil1
Back-lighted Pink Rose by toshihiro_shoji
WedLock by naumanziabutt
Blue Rose-4464 by chazkar
Sunflower at NY Botanical Garden by toshihiro_shoji
Yellow and pink lotus by toshihiro_shoji
You and I by phil1
Caribou Reflections by michelestclairjames
If Dogs Had Wedding's by roxieleeowen
Emerald Sunrise by LastScenePhotography
Winter Shadows by PI_Photography
Black-blue butterfly with the pink flowers by toshihiro_shoji
Beautiful flow of Paterson Falls by toshihiro_shoji
Bear Witness to the Light by phil1
Kihanshi Spray Toad, extinct in wild - can only be seen in Bronx Zoo in the world  by toshihiro_shoji
Thunder Follows Lightning by bigbangphotography
Red-eyed Tree Frog by wildpainter
Rose 'Wild Blue Yonder' by toshihiro_shoji
Red-crested Turaco by toshihiro_shoji
Alone by hanan_
Pilatus Kulm by LastScenePhotography
Wellington Marina by JoshArnold