Owls in love by lesarnott
I see.... by suedoughertyoffleash
Friendtalk by tanjabrandt
The One Who Knew by melissahutchinson
Two Owls by richardmangan
Great Gray Landing! by wild_man_photo
Great Grey Owl in Flight by redsled84
Mother Great Horned Owl Returns to Nest by DawnKey
Day begins by tanjabrandt
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The stare! by davejoicey
Fresh snowfall on the feathers by JohnZinkPhotography
Wet and wild by Jamie-MacArthur
Inquisitive by NedBurrell
The Intense Eyes of the Northern White-Faced Owl by jamesadey
Waiting for Mom by JanStaes
Hoo loves the snow!    _DSC5142 by JohnZinkPhotography
_Z7A8958 by bonjoy
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Love is in the air by mattnoir
Little Owl  by davejoicey
Forest Grove Prowl by sarahtrickler
Great Gray Owl by wild_man_photo
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