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melissahutchinson August 08, 2014
Oh COOL! yes, I haven't watched that series...I just looked it up!
vojce August 25, 2014
AlanJakarta August 25, 2014
Marvelous image. Congratulations on being Featured.
akhtarkhan August 25, 2014
Fantastic composition and setting. Stunning capture........congrats on the feature.
philipbebbington August 25, 2014
Stunning piece of work,love the composition and tones in this fantastic image.Congrats
imagineit August 25, 2014
Fantastic image and work!
PattyTuggle August 25, 2014
Amazing Piece of Art!Lovvveee
fotogalmexican August 25, 2014
HectorRivera August 25, 2014
Extraordinary Art...
iceman2 August 25, 2014
Beautiful capture.Congrats!
michaeltillman August 25, 2014
I really like the right-up on this picture. The part mentioned concerning the spirit is so true. The problem most people have with the spirit rest in the religion they had been forced to except by the powers that be. Once people learn to free their mine and thoughts, the skies the limit.
christophercupp August 25, 2014
this is great and deserves to be featured. congrats!
beamieyoung August 25, 2014
gondmagdi August 25, 2014
wowww, amazing picture !
ltj August 25, 2014
EXCELLENT!!! BEAUTIFUL GIRL,and the owl is the icing on the photo,super CONGRATS
MaryAnne306 August 25, 2014
Outstanding photo, definitely creates a mystical feeling! Congratulations on being featured.
jeffsinnock August 26, 2014
Gorgeous !!
Capture-Life August 27, 2014
Well done, Melissa !! Congrats to you !! 8)
patticooper August 29, 2014
Pure Magic! Stunning!
Ardaskar September 08, 2014
Stunningly beautiful
Gragorgix September 09, 2014
an incredible composition of old stone and beautiful maiden. a little breeze adds a touch as well. WEll done!! The owl of course is a superb balance!
AaronSalmon September 09, 2014
caiotorrado September 13, 2014
perfect!! would you mind telling me how u created this?
SonyaAdcockPhotography September 15, 2014
So beautiful and painterly!
pmkane September 16, 2014
Stunning . . .
ntgreen September 17, 2014
Truly stunning!
MichelleDohertyPhoto September 20, 2014
Cool, great back story. Congratulations :)
drakkardarkblade September 21, 2014
congrats, fantastic
MikeW September 28, 2014
Love this; great work indeed !
dkvart1 October 09, 2014
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dkvart1 October 09, 2014
Stunning work! Beautifully composed and I enjoyed your description so very much!
vsidles October 09, 2014
I wish they had a "breathtaking" award....that's what this deserves!
babspictures October 12, 2014
Exquisite fantasy!
JoseV October 16, 2014
A masterpiece.
heatherdonlan November 04, 2014
Bonni November 24, 2014
Makes me think of an old Gothic building. Love how the lace counter acts with it. Beautiful.
Nikonover December 15, 2014
It's all been said,magnificent. 10/10
vonprond December 20, 2014
A stunning photo, each of the elements of which is wonderful. I might have cropped off an inch or so from the top, but that's a small point.
muscularchristian January 26, 2015
Wonderful image so much being said here, can look at this all day
DaleFPoll February 01, 2015
This is a fascinating photograph. You are very talented.
sallyhalvorsen February 02, 2015
This is a beautiful image. I love your creativity and your words with this image, so true. Congrats!
DorisSeybold February 05, 2015
Snowies February 11, 2015
ChrissyJones February 11, 2015
Stunning fairytale feel, great work!
CherylG February 17, 2015
Such incredible work!! Love this!! Congrats & well deserved!! :))
ShutterSpeak March 05, 2015
Beautiful image. I feel like I'm reading a fantasy novel when I look at this image :-)
Anniepics March 13, 2015
iandam March 22, 2015
Very nicely done.
victorruiz March 30, 2015
tracybertapelle May 19, 2015
virginiamaynard May 25, 2015
I love the way you use light and shadow
Jase_White June 08, 2015
Magical image wow!! Ever aspect of this photo blows me away!!
ritahill September 09, 2015
Amazing fine art piece. What a great opportunity on the shoot. Excellent.
Alfredo_Jose Jun 28
Gorgeous, beautiful work!

The One Who Knew

This marks one of my pieces for my fine art series that I have titled "The Ones." It was taken at Westminster Abbey in London this past May~ a location I could...
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This marks one of my pieces for my fine art series that I have titled "The Ones." It was taken at Westminster Abbey in London this past May~ a location I could only dream of visiting when I was a child and lover of the English monarchy. The owl in the photo is one of the actual Hedwigs from the Harry Potter movies I had the privilege of shooting while touring Warner Bros outside of London. The trainer probably thought I was nuts, but he humored me and allowed a professional photo shoot to take place~ boom! This embodies all things mystical and spiritual I embrace in my life~ 'the One who Knew' refers to the prophetic wisdom of this girl that is so pronounced even the owl turns toward her. It is symbolic of the inner wisdom our spirits carry within from our birth that if tapped into, can bring infinite power of peace and happiness to journey through the painful physical world.
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