Chateau de Chenonceau - France by AntoineBarthelemyPhoto
Manarola Magic by aaronchoiphoto
Sunset on the Eiffel Tower by FredericMONIN
High Tide at Windansea Beach by Eddie_Yerkish
Shangri-La Star Trails by sdondero
Ethereal by SandraSlead
AWɄINDUA by tristan29photography
Sunset at Lake Martin, La   by jkcorso
The Sunning Sea Lion by Aerodaisy
Firebreather by KylePacklick
Take me to the Storm... by peterfoldiak
Peace to All by LarryGreene
Get Along by AshleyAnnImages
White-necked Jacobin (Florisuga mellivora) in flight by johannesoehl
Smooth by SandraSlead
The way to infinity... by peterfoldiak
Grande Arche by pulaw89
Forever Lost by VinceVphotography
The wonderful pool by SirDiegoSama
Paris - La Défense by stefgoovaerts
Rocky Shoreline by Eddie_Yerkish
La Jolla Stars by SandraSlead
Lac de la Lauch by followinglight
Paris Winter Sunrise by BryanSnider
Me by Gloitz
Paris and the Eiffel Tower by BryanSnider
Poolside by kitz_photography
Mourning Dove by sarahallegra
The Photographer Downtown LA by sergeramelli
Snaky Leading Lines by SandraSlead
Night at La Défense by pulaw89
Emerald Basilisk by MythicHippo