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Paris Winter Sunrise

In the colder months, the sun rises late, but rises in a perfect angle to capture the light passing through the Eiffel Tower....
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In the colder months, the sun rises late, but rises in a perfect angle to capture the light passing through the Eiffel Tower.
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11 Comments | Report
aspsimon August 29, 2018
Wow. Blackpool tower. Amazing with the sun through the haze behind it.
tetvet PRO+
tetvet February 10, 2019
nice shot, like the sun burst
neilbrown March 19, 2019
City of light, light it up!!
BryanSnider PRO
BryanSnider March 20, 2019
LauraDavey March 19, 2019
Lovely! Always nice to see photos of Paris
BryanSnider PRO
BryanSnider March 20, 2019
Thank you! I love Paris.
BryanSnider PRO
BryanSnider March 20, 2019
Thank you everyone!
DNproSTUDIO April 05, 2019
very good photo for this eiffil tower
DNproSTUDIO April 05, 2019
very good photo for this eiffil tower
DNproSTUDIO April 05, 2019
very good photo for this eiffil tower
Kelvin_Tan August 21, 2019
Wow. Beautiful.
LaGaleriaDeJMO January 15, 2020
I love it, with your permission I will put it in my “Cityscape” collection of my profile. ;-)
BryanSnider PRO
BryanSnider August 28, 2020
kellumbear PRO
kellumbear Jun 05
This is a great capture! I want to go back and spend golden hours at the Eiffel for shots like this!

Behind The Lens

I took this in Paris, France. More specifically the beautiful vantage point from Trocadero.
The photo was captured at 8:50am just after sunrise 8:22am
One thing I love about the lightning is the low trajectory of the late fall sun. This time of year, the trajectory makes for some great light both into and with the sun behind you. In this particular photo, I waited for the sun to flare in the Eiffel Tower and then took he photo.
I took this photo with a Sony A6500 and 18mm to 105mm lens. As far as tripod, I had a small table top tripod that I sat on an elevated flat surface. This allowed me to get this photo, but also allowed to travel light which is something I'm big about when it comes to travel photography.
This photo is really special to me. As a travel photographer who's passionate about travel, this photo sums up my feelings in so many ways. Each time I travel, I find myself having a difficult time sleeping especially if I arrive at my destination the night before. I guess you can say I'm excited! Even though I've been to Paris a few times, each visit feels like the first time! On this particular morning, I couldn't sleep at all. I couldn't wait to see a city that I love so much! So I decided to get out of bed while my wife was still asleep in our hotel room, and hop on the Paris metro in attempt to get a sunrise shot at this particular spot. After getting off the metro, I remember walking out towards this grand view. As soon as the buildings stopped blocking it, I found myself just in a state of euphoria. There it was, the iconic Eiffel Tower just before sunrise. It was just me and nobody else at this popular tourist spot. It was at this point that I realized I was in Paris! I really was there and it will be memory that I will treasure the rest of my life.
I did some light post processing in Adobe Lightroom. I love processing my photos with a someone "cinematic look" to help separate my own personal memories and my photos in mind. In other words, I want my memories to by memories, and my photos to almost be a cinematic experience that I can look at over and over again, almost like a great film.
In my camera bag
When it comes to traveling, I am all about packing as light as I can. This includes camera equipment. When exploring new places, I have found that I am much more comfortable and enjoy the sites even more when I carry only what I need. This has evolved over the years drastically. When this photo was taken, I had would travel with a mirrorless Sony A6500, Sony 18-105mm lens and a 30mm for portraits. Now, I find myself traveling only with my Sony RX100V. I even wrote about it on a blog here:
When it comes to high profile touristy areas like the Eiffel Tower, I highly recommend going to the sites early! I have found that going early gives you an intimate experience without the hustle and bustle and at times overwhelming nature of tourism photography. In fact, just a simple hour can make a huge difference. Shortly after I took this photo, the place when from being deserted to being way crowded!

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