Dettifoss; Most Powerful Waterfall in Europe (Iceland) by BuddyBaum
Kelpie by lynnbolt
Young indian rhino by Michaelmeijer
Eidfjord, Norway by CanonDLee
Herds by TravelAbruzzo
Wings open Wide.... by rodwilson
Huge cruise ship passing between Maui and Lanai by lhartney
Zooming into the Tower Bridge by rbhalla
That's a big tree! by UniqueNY
Aldabra giant tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea) by Michaelmeijer
Huge-1 by 8thRulePhoto
Mr. Stag Beetle by leylaavsar
Bull2 by roadking
summer on the field by michellemeenawong
Great Whites by LeightonLum
Out from the Deep and into the Blue by christinealbanese
Texas Train by jimmotes
Kaiate Falls | NZ by davidlam
"Sunburst" by KTPhotography
Breaking Power by karlanderson
Aldabra giant tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea) by Michaelmeijer
Boulders by Bronbrown
elephant by ismeghead
Hocking Hills Beauty by KennethKeifer
Nature’s Blue Giant by Doodlebeary55
Photo  by CMurphy2016
Bull Elk by JelizaMeghan
Large anchor chain on the dock at the Port of Monaco by SueClarkPhoto
Acid Mill Tanks by dustintillery_9811
Reflecting Spring by dustintillery_9811
Let me fly by vhraut