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wemco2 December 16, 2016
There are quit a few images of this in Viewbug, but yours is one of the best captures! Nicely Done!
Aarti_Sachin_Soman December 16, 2016
:) As always it too kind of you, Thanks Russell.
PhotoDezine December 21, 2016
I'm a Sr. 3d Visualizer & I was given the reference of this particular photo to be rendered. Its an honor to see this photo Absolute Masterpiece.
Aarti_Sachin_Soman December 21, 2016
Thank you so much, Mehernosh. It's a beautiful masterpiece in reality too. :)
estercastillo08 February 28, 2017
Beautiful capture, voted Around the World
tongant March 05, 2017
Fantastic image!
Aarti_Sachin_Soman March 05, 2017
Thanks Nigel. :)
johncampbell_1476 April 12, 2017
Beautiful love the Kelpies would like tae go at night when it is lit up :)
Aarti_Sachin_Soman April 12, 2017
I wish, we could see the lit up Kelpies.. :) Thanks n Good luck to you John.
PhilWain April 19, 2017
I like your variety of shots
Aarti_Sachin_Soman April 19, 2017
Thank you Phil. :) Your Dark Swan's pic is so lovely.
lizziemellis July 31, 2017
Amazing structures love the moody sky:-)
dawnmarshall September 08, 2017
nice photo, this is on my list of places to visit , such lovely structures
Aarti_Sachin_Soman September 08, 2017
Thanks Dawn.. and I'm sure you will enjoy it too. Beautiful place..... :)
laurindaraeveach December 29, 2017
Powerful image, well done sir!
Aarti_Sachin_Soman December 29, 2017
:) Thanks Laurinda.
laurindaraeveach December 29, 2017
Please forgive me, I should have looked at your picture first. Powerful image, well done mam! Maybe I should leave the Sir or mam off next time. Lol
Aarti_Sachin_Soman December 29, 2017
No worries dear...:) There are pics clicked by my family too. I should thank you for taking your time to compliment it. Thanks so much Laurinda. :)

The Kelpies

It's a huge structure...around 30 ft.
These horses are called Duke and Baron.

Simply amazing architecture and an unique sculpture...
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It's a huge structure...around 30 ft.
These horses are called Duke and Baron.

Simply amazing architecture and an unique sculpture !! People look just like Lilliput before it. :)

Autumn 2014

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