Portland Head Light by deannefortnam
Dexter, my "furry" kid by Pamelabole
Bonehill Rocks, Dartmoor by tmtburke
Portland Head Lighthouse by deannefortnam
Galaxy in the piece of granite.  by Andrew08
Stone Mountain #2 by ahuffaker
Screw Auger Falls, Grafton Maine by VanHarlan
Hidden Waterfall by larrymarshall
Temple of the Resurrection of Christ Saved on the blood, Saint Petersburg. A view inside the Temple. Memorial with a fragment of the pavement with the blood of the Emperor of Russia. Photo 11. by Andrew08
Pemaquid Nights by Fletch41
Monument Valley (DSC09797) by larrymarshall
Stone Mountain #1 by ahuffaker
Spring waters bw by dmytrokorol
Fruition by WendyHudnall
Mirror Lake by markcote
Half Dome by DennisRamos
Silver Lake by BlackRockPhoto_PaulSmith
Antelope Canyon by larrymarshall
On The Wall by MourneMountainMan
Firefall by WendyHudnall
A different look by markcote
Ripples by mahamilton
Dupont State Park, North Carolina.  by sjorgensen
Half Dome by tikidianne
Crisp Mornings & Crystal Waters by marrieladurandegui
Gold Columns by LiveInspiredByBrenda
Cottonmouth by dpdave38
Brooklyn Bridge 1992 by Radiorocky
Milky Way from Hunts Mesa by larrymarshall
Purple and Gold by trishzimmerman
Wave rock by leeanne_6709