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edstilwell August 20, 2014
Very nice Wendy and congratzz on your award :)
westi August 21, 2014
Surreal. Beautiful.
debcoimages August 21, 2014
Congrats! Beautiful image.
philipbebbington August 23, 2014
Stunning seascape image,love everything about this image.Congrats
DebbieKMiller81 September 05, 2014
Well done. The boulders really add to the picture in my opinion.
Namaki September 06, 2014
Great colours !!
GigiJim08 September 11, 2014
Congratulations on the Award!
davidbidmead September 12, 2014
Congrats ! Beautiful and atmospheric. Stunning work.
p_eileenbaltz September 13, 2014
Breath-taking!!! Congratulations.:)
jeffwright_6613 September 16, 2014
Someday I hope I will be able to take such beautiful photos. Awesome!!!
gondmagdi October 15, 2014
amazing shot !
Expressitphotography May 19, 2015
Great work! Gina
avinashlittle May 19, 2015
outstanding click
Dunner May 19, 2015
Magical image. Ethereal color palette. Love the hardscape leading eye into a soft surreal place. Nice work!
cferrell7100 May 20, 2015
Beautiful work Wendy!
Cobble-Art May 20, 2015
Magnificent image!
lucyjaneharrison May 22, 2015
This is beautiful :)
dKi_Photography May 23, 2015
outstanding image!
Fujiguy May 23, 2015
Tonal range of co;or is amazing. This is one of my favorite VB landscapes. Congrats on your impressive list of recognitions for this image.
jrhalphen May 24, 2015
amazing capture. love the rocks, colors and reflections. Thanks for info.
Jen_K May 27, 2015
kauisyndrome April 24, 2016
How do you edit to get that effect?
RichardShore March 21, 2017
Beautiful colours
Witmar October 01, 2017
great picture

Deserted Island

Hidden Beach holds lots of secrets that are revealed to those who explore the North East shore of Lake Tahoe.
Hidden Beach holds lots of secrets that are revealed to those who explore the North East shore of Lake Tahoe.
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Behind The Lens

I got this Lake Tahoe shot in a place called Hidden Beach, just south of Incline Village, Nevada.
Just after sunset.
Some lovely post-sunset light was still hitting the scene but without the sun casting down at an angle I was losing the gorgeous blue color Tahoe water is known for. I took two exposures, one to properly expose the sky and ground and a longer exposure for the water that allowed the ambient to illuminate the water in a subtle way.
Canon 5D Mk III, Canon 16-35 2.8L II, B+W Polarizing Filter, Really Right Stuff tripod & head, remote release.
Hidden beach is always a great place to shoot. It's a long stretch of gorgeous sand dotted with granite rocks and boulders. On each side of the beach are small coves to discover, each one it's own gem. On this evening I had ventured down a path that was new to me intending to shoot the sunset which is out of frame to the right. I got down to this spot, looked to my left and saw this lone pine tree inhabiting its own island and standing strong to the elements. It told a visual story that was begging to be captured.
Lightroom adjustments for capture sharpening, lens correction, and basic adjustments. Photoshop used to mask the two exposures together, adjust the mid tones & highlights and sharpen for web. Luminosity masks were used on curves layers to fine tune highlights and shadows.
In my camera bag
I'm a gadget girl at heart so my bag is always full. It makes me happy except when I'm climbing up that steep hill. Camera, various lenses (I'm a huge believer in renting lenses I don't own to fit whatever situation I will be in), Lee ND & grad filters (can't get enough long expo water shots), remote release, Hoodman loop, multiple flashlights, Pano head and nodal slide for panoramas, extra batteries & memory cards, extra lens cloths (I'm always loosing those) sunscreen & lip balm...small weatherproof speaker (I love music when I'm shooting but not headphones. I don't want that bear sneaking up on me.)
I always try to have a mental game plan when I go out to shoot but I'm also not afraid to change it up. I had gone out with the intent of shooting a glorious sunset but I scraped that plan when this composition came into view. It was worth the lost sunset in my opinion. Also make a point to try out different paths when at a favorite location. This image proves sometimes you have no idea what great things lay just beyond the bend.

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