Winter Droplet by kylere
Light catcher by dmytrokorol
In the winter wonderland by Marcin_Rutkowski
Icy morning by evgeni_ivanov
Neither did I let it spoil my attempt by ScorpioOnSUP
Napping at 50 Below by LeGuilloux
Dog's proposal. Would you be my human? by Marcin_Rutkowski
Belogorskiy monastery by dmitriydubovtsev
Frosty white #2 by octavboban
Winters Gift by kylere
Shot SEALS Team Six Attack! by Marcin_Rutkowski
Stones by the sea by Riekkinen
Frosty Sunday by JT_Foulds
Fenced autumn by dmytrokorol
Autumn meets winter by dmytrokorol
ACE_9205-Edit by hsahtaw
Bridge in winter by jld83photography
Ice Fog in Preist by Badger_g_photography
Xmas 2016 by GaryClark
Autumn Behind by dmytrokorol
Winters Coming  by aliceloder
Morning Frost by BorisToronto
Frostys Ball... by sweetpea72
Winter sea by evgeni_ivanov
Frosty Oak  by Remraf
Frosty Morning by Cobber
Snowy winter landscape  by mozart821
Winter Shadows by PI_Photography
Sunrise by BrassFlute
Last Fall Leaf by MsJudi
Fire and ice by evgeni_ivanov