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Dec, 2016

Frosty Sunday

A drive in the country become a frosty short story...

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Behind The Lens

This photo was take within only a few minutes of my home. I woke up, notices a beautiful hoarfrost had formed over the land, grabbed a coffee and went for a drive of discovery.
I had taken about a dozen images before this one. Some around my yard, my fence itself, even of this particular scene but from different angles before settling on this one. It was just about 12:30 in the afternoon and when normally that might not be the best time to really was working for this scene.
I probably wasn't thinking about the lighting near as much as I should have. Given what I know now, I would have either camped out or simply come back at different intervals to see what the different lighting could have done for me. Having said that, when looking at this image in print before sending out to customers...I am always super happy with it.
For this shot I use my Canon EOS 5D Mark III with my Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM and shot at 300mm/ƒ/5.6/1/1000s/ISO 160. I know I had my tripod handy but if I was smart enough to use my remote trigger and engage my mirror lock to minimize any potential camera shake...I don't recall. I find the original images to be quite clear but I suspect they could be clearer.
Hoarfrost is always a great reason to shoot. Marco, micro, telephoto...this is an amazing moment to grab your gear and get discovering.
This image has quite a bit more post-processing that I usually add to my images. Sometimes though...and image just screams to be modified. This one, I washed out the colours in the tree-line and added a snowy mask. Sorry just wasn't snowing enough for me to complete this shot. I hope you're not too disappointed ;-)
In my camera bag
For me, most times, I never know what I'm going to discover. I'm a candid shooter and the world is a treasure trove of awesomeness. So, I like to try and be ready for anything. My go to items are my 5D Mk III and my 24-70mm or my 70-200mm...both are amazing. For this shot I used my 70-300mm...but I gave that to a friend. Now, this is barely the tip of the iceberg of what I carry in my bag. Besides a wide array of cables, triggers, cables, chargers, filters, cleaning items and'll always find my 5DS-R, my Extender EF 2x II, either my 50mm or 85mm prime, at least one speedlight, a dump pouch, at least one collapsable reflector, iPad and SD card adapters and now and Camranger.
For this shot I feel I was rushing myself. If I could have given myself some advice...slow down. For me I should have focussed on the one thing that makes this shot so great, clarity. From there I would have anchored my tripod, locked open my shutter and used a remote...all to minimize camera shake. And from that, stick around, enjoy the day and shoot in the changing light conditions. Enjoy the moment.

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