Water Droplet by SURREALIMAGE
golden water by EddyHubble
Drops of water on a branch tristesse by MF-SoHo
Perfect Waterdrop by guybahonsrichardson
Column by Gyrohype
Water Droplet on Buds by VanderblackStudios
Leaf-drop by TobiasMandt
magenta by BOLED
Morning dew by carlosramos
The Drop... by sweetpea72
Fall Leaves w Rain added_edited-1 by Coach_25_5
Hide and seek by AnastasiaRi
Water sculpture by galeryann
Stand Tall by ericakinsella
2 Drop by ericakinsella
Playing with space and time 2 by A_Valverde
Colors Stars System by albertoghizzipanizza
Gin and Tonic by colinharley
the macro photography by Aylin Kalan by AylinKalan
Havin' Fun With Drops... by sweetpea72
Rain On Rose Of Sharon by KarenRoberts
Rose  by tmtburke
Purple Rain Drop by KatieGuesmanPhotography
DROP by 1991amanverma
Photo  by wenchejostad
Having friends for dinner by Bastetamon
Can't Go for Play...! by Bonny-BahniGhosh
A far off place by tammyswarek
Drops between the autumn colors by albertoghizzipanizza