Tom by sollenaphotography
The Colonel by flviosouzacruz
Quiet Time by jeffsinnock
Remy by PierreTurtaut
Old Man w Bible by sjholbert
balance by mariannedixey
Don in B & W by jonwestaway
Contemplation by jonpearson
Indian Man by duncanheather
Sculpted flames of a firesword by Eric_Dany
Beard by jrewing
 urban by ryancrane
Friend by ImagesByLouisa
The Soul Man by Bobwhite
Sabotage by giannisjohnidiskritikos
Thoughtful by bendikstalheim
Mein General by TommyRamone
Daniel by Denis09
Biker with Motorcycle and fog by sjholbert
Homeless Man Smoking by BeeMacDee
Self portrait by samuphotograph
Self portrait by alessandropo
Photo  by tigerwhitesides
crucify your mind by ShootEmAll
Self Portrait by JAMillsPhoto
Photo  by AnastaciaPetropavlovskaya
Herbalist by andybeales
Dirk by joggievanstaden
Selfie by Ucmj22
Life by GregDavisFlorida
Selfie by bryanmaes