Quick Make a Wish by CurtisReese
Friendly Frog by fredstein
Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2014 by chocovoices
January full moon wanes by chrisgiordano
Can you see the clouds over Amsterdam ? by AntonioMarchetti
B&W Candleholder by David_R_Anderson
Supeermoon 2014 by filiperemita
DPR_6674_D4 Casey Model 2014-08-25 B-W by dennisrubin
Migration by p_eileenbaltz
5 Jul 2014-flowers by Robin52665
Duomo Santa Maria Nascente, Milano by Pjerry
Whitefish sunset by barrackevans
Capturing Her Likeness by inge_vautrin
COSPLAY by chocovoices
Balloon Festival by MikaJC
Monkey Anger by fredstein
IMG_0387 by PEslick
Anne  by didierguilleux
Seagull and a Buzzard by iesphotos
Aurora vs Cloud by joniko
Rufous-Breasted  Sparrowhawk © Brian Basson 2014 by BrianBasson
First lights by silviosinbad
Northern lights by GulliVals
my Philippines by chocovoices
White-marked Tussock Moth by chocovoices
A stately Bald Eagle  by David_R_Anderson
Spring Sunrise by mohib
Here Comes the Sun by douglasdrouin
Ahead by amayaphotography
Father/Son #1 by David_R_Anderson
24 Oct 2014-Esme (ehz-may) by Robin52665