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Street Art, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia





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14 Comments | Report
2Fine July 14, 2015
What a wonderful example of street art! Love it!
Rosley February 09, 2016
Nice composition! . . I need to visit this place one day!
JDLifeshots March 16, 2016
Great find and capture! Congrats.
Soljacker August 24, 2016
Awesome ! Is my hometown....glad to see this.
fredstein Platinum
fredstein August 24, 2016
Thank you... glad you liked it! I enjoyed my time in your home town too!
werol October 06, 2016
! wow
GeraintRowlandPhotography October 06, 2016
Very cool
kathyk_abq October 30, 2016
Just fabulous art and capture - love this!
adavies April 24, 2017
Love it! Great find...nicely captured! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Street Art and Graffiti challenge:)
adavies July 14, 2017
So cool! Still love this one! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Empty Seats challenge:)
imagehunter27 February 14, 2018
Love it. Really interesting.
bobtoye Platinum
bobtoye July 20, 2018
What a great catch. So captivating!
shannonsmyth March 13, 2019
Geistwolf PRO+
Geistwolf November 03, 2020
Looks very surreal!
Hood October 21, 2021
Great capture!
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Behind The Lens

Photo was taken in the art zone on Step By Step Lane, a beautiful area with plenty of street art in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.
This photo was taken at 2:17 pm, on a very hot December 8, 2014 day.
This photo was taken with ambient light in a shady part of the street.
I used a Nikon D810, paired with a Sigma 10-20mm f:/4-5.6 lens. Settings were 15mm; ISO 3,600; 1/125 sec, at f:/25. I used a small aperture setting to get the greatest depth of field from the steel swing set attached against a wall with the painted children in the background for s surreal image.
It was my final day in Malaysia for this trip and I was walking the art zone looking for street art. I came across this piece, "Kids on a Swing," and knew I had to capture it, and do so in a manner that would do the scene justice.
I did some minor post editing in Lightroom ... straightened the photo and added some clarity.
In my camera bag
I do a lot of traveling in Southeast Asia doing travel and cultural photography. I found it best to travel with two cameras, in this case I traveled with a Nikon D810 and a Nikon D7000. One camera always has a wide angle (Sigma 10-20mm lens) while the other has a zoom lens (either a Nikon 18-300mm or 28-300mm depending on the camera I chose). This allows me to be prepared for the greatest variety of scenes which I am likely to encounter on any given day. I also have a light Manfrotto tripod available, but not always carried. Often I will also carry a Nikon P520 Ultra Zoom point-and-shoot for getting shots in settings where the larger DSLRs may be out-of-place or too intimidating for the setting.
When traveling, do a little research of where to see and go ... not all travel photos need to be of fee for entry type venues ... often there is an under publicised art or other photogenic area. Google your destination for best photo spots. Then be prepared as you explore, awareness of your surroundings will help you find that right shot while keeping you safe from local criminal activity at the same time.

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