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Babis33 Sep 30
Love it
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken during a random, just-for-fun shoot with a good friend in her apartment after we had done some advertising work earlier in the day. We had no plans nor direction, we just wanted to goof around before we went to sleep. But even random creativity can still make for great images!
This was shot late at night, after a long day of shooting already. We were annoyed that our earlier work was very directed and less creative, so even though it was late we decided to just have some fun with the camera and actually enjoy some time being creative before bed.
Our lighting was very limited. As it was a very unplanned shoot, we just used what lighting we could find around the model's apartment. I believe for this shot we used a combination of a standing desk light off to the side, and a broken lava lamp for lighting her face.
This was shot with my Nikon D850 and a 35mm lens. There were an assortment of random lights used as well, basically anything we could find in her apartment that gave off light was used during this shoot.
The entire shoot was inspired by our annoyance from earlier in the day. We had done a shoot for a client, but what was supposed to be a creative and fun shoot ended up being a dull, by-the-numbers session. So when we arrived at my friend's apartment that night, our annoyance manifested in a late night session of creative randomness.
Most of the post processing was done to boost light without losing too much detail. The lighting we had for this shot was very blue, so in post I also smoothed the blue tones to create a simpler pallete.
In my camera bag
I always have my Nikon D850 and an assortment of prime lenses in my bag, alongside multiple batteries and stirage cards. This shoot was limited to just the d850 and a 35mm lens though, using up whatever battery juice we had left.
Have fun with it! We had no direction for this shoot, we just wanted to play around with what we had access to. Grab a friend, grab a camera, and go out and create!

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