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davidmartin_9542 May 21, 2019
Beautiful image. I love how the shadows play off the curves of the model.
harmeetsingh July 10, 2019
MLAPhoto November 02, 2019
Nice shot! Consider Joining My contest, The Beauty of tatoo's
Gford PRO+
Gford December 17, 2019
Unique and beautiful. Love the setting.

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a truck park near Asheville, NC. This spot used to be a warehouse that burned down years ago, I was actually able to shoot in the building a few times before they eventually tore it down. Now it's a flat area where they park trailers for paper waste storage.
This was later in the afternoon as the sun was readying to set. The tone was still yellow, hadn't quite made it to orange yet.
The light under the trailer was too dark for us to shoot when we started, so we had to wait until the sun moved enough to shine through the side and bounce some light off the cement to illuminate the scene.
For this shot my Nikon D850 was used with my 35mm lens. The cement was already bouncing some light, as was the side of another trailer next to us.
We were in a location full of different trailers and graffiti everywhere, this particular trailer had great symmetry with its tires and was high enough for both of us to fit under. There also wasnt much debris so it was significantly safer than our other options. There were some trailers that had graffiti underneath, but I wanted a cleaner area so that the model's tattoos would shine through
For post processing I manipulated the colors to even out the tone of the shot. I also added grain and a few scratches to make the shot have some texture.
In my camera bag
For this shoot I carried my d850, four prime lenses (35, 50, 85, 105), a d810 backup camera, and my sb5000 flash unit.
Pay attention to how the light is affecting your scene, and try to avoid making things too chaotic. With all the grunge and graffiti around we had a lot of options to blend the model in with the setting since she had lovely tattoos, but for this shot i wanted her to stand out more from her surroundings. Having a shot where there wasnt much debris and graffiti helped her body art shine more, and allowed her colors to stand out beautifully

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