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This wedding as insane. 2020 was the year that I was looking forward to. I was looking forward to all the weddings that I was going to capture. With Covid-19 ev...
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This wedding as insane. 2020 was the year that I was looking forward to. I was looking forward to all the weddings that I was going to capture. With Covid-19 everything changed. So many people affected and so fast. So many couples could not forgo with their weddings at the last minute. So many vendors had to either cancel or reschedule the weddings. So many couples who were planning on their wedding day and last min were told they couldn’t.

This happened to Brent and Rochelle. Brent and Rochelle were going to get married at a beautiful venue in Woodland CA. The Venue was doing everything they could to accommodate Brent and Rochelle’s wedding. As the wedding date got closer the statewide restriction got tighter. The Venue told the coupe that they could get married as long as they don’t exceed the guest list of 50. The coupe had to narrow down from 200 guests to 50. Then the restriction was 10 people are allowed to gather around. Which the couple did their best and was going to be parents and siblings of the Bride and Groom.

But two days before the wedding the venue had to give the couple the news that the venue could no longer be allowed to be open and the couple would have to reschedule. Brent called me and gave me the news. The wedding planner, the venue, DJ, catering company had to reschedule. Brent called to ask me if I would be willing to move forward as they decided to get married at Rochelle’s Parents' house In Napa, CA.

I don’t do backyard weddings. But at this point, I just wanted to do anything to make their day. I agreed to photograph the wedding. My goal was for Brent and Rochelle to have the most beautiful photographs from their wedding and to remember this day for a year, generations to come. I called my second photographer and explained to him what was going on. I gave him the option to decide if he wants to photograph or not. I didn’t need him due to the size of the wedding but he blocked off his calendar for me and I wanted to give him the option.

On the day of the wedding, my and my second photographer Mark got to the bride's parents' house around 10. I wanted to get there to scout and see if we can find some really nice spots to photograph in Napa because this was going to be a backyard wedding. Well, let me tell you something. This was not your average backyard wedding! When Brent called me and said the wedding will be at Rochelle’s parent's house he thought it would be fun and a surprise to not tell me over the phone that her parent lives on 1600 acres in Napa Valley!

When Mark and I pulled into the ranch where her parents live we both had, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Out loud at the same time!. I pull up in the driveway and see Brent standing with a huge grin on his face. Both Mark and I were lost for words. The view was breathtaking.
When we saw Rochelle that morning she couldn’t hold her tear back and you could hear her sincere gratitude in her, ‘Thank you for still coming”

My goal is always to capture the most beautiful moments I can for my couples. But this day I wanted to make sure I was going all out for this couple!

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