right in front of you...

I sit here waiting for you to realize,
you are not alone.
Not a single step you take,
not a single tear you cry,
every dream you have h...
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I sit here waiting for you to realize,
you are not alone.
Not a single step you take,
not a single tear you cry,
every dream you have had
and wish you have made,
I've been here all along....
Right in front of you,

I have permission to use each image and element. The final artwork is my own.
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amd0749 December 09, 2010
Stunning shot! I love everything about it! *****
aphotoaday365 February 14, 2011
Love the entire concept, well executed!!
aphotoaday365 February 14, 2011
A Fave!!
Nilakshi April 30, 2011
Excellent composition... Love the quote!
tra rader
tra rader June 25, 2011
fantastic! Would you add this to the group "surrealism"?
aprilrena June 26, 2011
Wow... nice composition and mood! I didn't see the frog until I read the description and then looked again.
ArtGirl PRO
ArtGirl June 27, 2011
jesusfreak3520 October 30, 2011
Amazing image! Tone and emotion that you've captured are superb!
otheses March 13, 2012
Nina87 March 29, 2012
this is just perfect!!!!!!!! i love everything about this!!!!
rkperry215 August 18, 2012
Great shot!
K8tyBel November 24, 2012
Absolutely gorgeous. This is exactly what I'd like to venture into, the realm of fantasy through photography. This photo reminds me of a John Waterhouse painting. LOVE IT!!!
K8tyBel November 24, 2012
BTW, That's an absolutely gorgeous dress. Where did you find such a beautiful dress?
saritsal December 07, 2012
fantastic! very unique
tsambaproductions December 07, 2012
imthinkingoutloud December 07, 2012
Thank you so much!! I had no idea that it had gotten an award.
imthinkingoutloud December 07, 2012
Thank You for the Editor's Choice! I am really happy about the award :)
murphey PRO
murphey December 07, 2012
Amazing !
GordonD PRO
GordonD December 08, 2012
Congratulations on the award for your creation, stunning :)
tiiusfocus4 December 08, 2012
Outstanding composition!
kari357 PRO
kari357 December 08, 2012
Love the feel, great shot
Juliannamari December 08, 2012
So pretty! Fantastical and realistic at the same time!
GRACECAPRI December 08, 2012
Such a lovely shot!
sarahallegra PRO+
sarahallegra December 08, 2012
Gorgeous! What a lovely story you've told through your photo :)
fotogalmexican PRO
fotogalmexican December 08, 2012
jleiweke December 09, 2012
Flanerie66 December 10, 2012
Very nice work!! Congrats!
BLSPhotography PRO+
BLSPhotography December 10, 2012
Breath taking.... Congrats!!
twilight65 July 18, 2013
yes this is stunning!!!...

Behind The Lens

This is actually a composite of several different stock images (yes, I have permission to use all of them).
The composite is a dusk setting, close to sunset but still enough light to sneak over the castle walls and create dark shadows and warm touches of light.
The images I used were from different sources and did not really share a common light source. I had to create the lighting effects using photoshop. Dodge here, burn there, lighten this, contrast all came together well in the final image.
For my image of the clouds included in this composite I used a Fuji Finepix S5700. Saw some lovely clouds and thought they would come in handy for something. And, "Right In Front Of You..." was definitely that "something".
The inspiration for my composite are comes from so many places! It might come from a phrase in a song, a dream, a random thought, something in a conversation spoken or overheard, or part of what I see around me. With Right In Front Of You, my inspiration was the despair and loneliness we feel when we think we are alone and lost. Yet, so often overlook the small important things that are literally right in front of us. Here you can see the forlorn Princess doesn't realize her Prince has been right there waiting for her to notice him.
Oh yes! This composite is comprised of about 5 individual images that have been post-processed to create a photo-realistic final image. I was even able to manipulate her dress so that it draped onto the stairs. The original images can be seen here: model: background is on Deviantart but I am unable to locate the original owner or image on the site. I have given the artist credit though and it was a stock image. It has been a few years since I created this image, so the owner may have removed it. I do have a copy of the original though. I have uploaded it to my account with proper credit so you can see what it looked like before all the other images were used. frog: clouds: my own textures: Shadowhouse creations other effects and editing all done by me.
In my camera bag
Other than my camera (Fuji Finepix HS30EXR), I don't have much more than my imagination and Photoshop in my bag of tricks.
Practice, Practice, Practice because this doesn't happen overnight. I am still learning and always will be. Save often. Follow your heart. Use proper resources. And let your imagination run wild.

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