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TheOnlyMrT PRO
TheOnlyMrT Sep 07
The post-processing looks very futuristic and dream-like. Nice setting!
AntonioBernardino PRO
It was a long work. Thank's.
catacombet Nov 05
splendid capture! could you give us exif data?

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Behind The Lens

The image is from Casa da Música. Is the main concert hall located on Avenida da Boavista, in Oporto, Portugal. It was designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas as part of the European Capital of Culture event in 2001 (Porto 2001), however, the construction was only completed in 2005, immediately becoming an icon of the city. The architecture of the building was acclaimed internationally. Nicolai Ouroussoff, a New York Times architecture critic, called it "the most attractive project that architect Rem Koolhaas has ever built" and as "a building whose intellectual ardor is combined with its sensual beauty." This is my minimalist perspective of the grand building. Given the high use of concrete throughout the structure, both in the basement and the surrounding area, many tons of concrete, I decided to present this image for this contest.
The image was taken in the morning, where few people are walking in their surroundings. In a basic idea of ??keeping only the architectural elements, on the contrary, I decided to introduce some people who passed by, conveying the comparison between the human element and the grandeur of the building. See the final photo, where it is no longer just a presentation of an object or building but becomes a comparative element.
The fact that it caught early in the morning, this image has an interesting light, with few shadows on the building and its base, a situation that could later unbalance the light entering some parts of the house. Of course the processing was black and white just for personal taste. Nothing should interfere with the original light captured as there was plenty of light, so no tripod or flash was needed.
Nikon D7100 + Sigma 10-20
I am particularly interested in capturing geometric shapes, perhaps because I like MC Hescher's drawings or Vasarely's paintings. This is important because it allows small or large structural elements with this taste to capture small or even great details, such as this beautiful building. The structure is monstrous and at the same time beautiful and with a beautiful architecture.
Yes, this is quite visible in the picture since the sky appears as in a long exposure. I decided to put this long exposure at the bottom of the image, conveying the idea of ??a background opening for the almost centered image.
In my camera bag
Nikon D7100, Sony A7 II, Nikkor AF 80-200, Nikkor Af 50 2.8, sigma 10-20, sony 24-70
If you like architecture and like to show your images with some interest, probably, sometines you need to create somo post processing to enhance the basic details of what you want to transmit. In this case the size of the building.

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