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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken near Barberino di Mugelo in the Bilancino lake. I looked for a corner of the lake partially covered by vegetation so as to give the water the beautiful color seen in the photo
The photo was taken at 4:14 pm on 17 June 2019 and the light you see are the rays of the sun that filtered through the green branches of the trees that reached almost to the surface of the water.
The lighting is totally natural and I turned for a few minutes until I found the light I thought was right. I wanted the water colored with the green of the plants, I wanted the sun filtering through the leaves and I wanted the fogrie that had the soft function of dipping the light to soften the shadows. A sort of soft box. Once I found the right place, I asked the model to take to the water and I started shooting.
The shot was made freehand with my Nikon D5 with a Nikon 70-200 lens positioned on the 200 focal length. SETTINGS: f / 2.8, iso 320; 1/400. Spot detection.
I wanted the photo exactly as it came out and I searched along the shore, the light that would have allowed me to take this picture. In addition to the green of the plants I also wanted the white light that came from the open part of the lake. It was a shot I had in mind from before going to the place.
Post production was almost zero. Only the raw file development with raw camera and a slight adjustment of the color curve. The study of light done previously allowed me to make a photo that was already good from the start.
In my camera bag
Normally in my bag there are my 2 camera bodies composed of D850 and D5 in addition to the Nikon triad (14-24; 24-70; 70-200; all f / 2.8). The 85mm f / 1.4 also always accompanies me
As I have already written before, the photos would be appropriate to imagine them before doing them. Creating the situation that allows you to take a picture you have in mind is the most important thing to do. I looked for the place to do the service (where I took a lot of photos besides this one) and I also waited for a cloud to pass in order to have that light and the color I had in mind. I apologize for my bad English but I used google translate. Greetings and good light to all :-)

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