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danielmartin Jan 09
Very story telling photo... Bravo!!

Expected Union

Young loving eyes ... watch over two lived hands that come together after so many years!
Young loving eyes ... watch over two lived hands that come together after so many years!
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Behind The Lens

This picture I took in Impruneta on the occasion of the marriage of a couple of friends who had asked me to take some pictures. I do not like weddings but this photo (which I particularly like) made me change my mind about the possibility of making beautiful and original photos during a wedding
It was about 1.30 pm when, inside the town hall of Impruneta, these friends exchanged the wedding rings in front of the beautiful eyes of their nephew.
To take this picture I did not use artificial light. The lighting is provided by the light that filtered through large windows in the room on the left side of the shutter.
I used my Nikon D5 equipped with Nikon 70-200 lens (with 70mm focal length), f / 3.5; iso 1,000; speed 1/125; spot detection. Freehand shooting without the use of a photographic tripod
The inspiration came from the lighting on the hands of the couple and the beauty of the girl in the background. I tried to open the diaphragm to a value that did not lose the figure of the child and I zoomed on the hands when the bride put faith to her husband. I judged this shot beautiful and deserving because it shows the hands of the newly married couple and the happy smile of the niece who finally saw her uncles spouses
I have not used particular measures in post production. After developing the raw file (clearing the hardest shadows) I used Color Effex Pro to create a little grain on the photo. Afterwards I acted on the curves to further soften the shadows
In my camera bag
Normally in my bag there are my two Nikon bodies (D850 and D5). The photographic objectives that always accompany me are: Nikon 14-24; 24-70 and 70-200 (all f / 2.8). I often bring with me the Nikon 2x duplicator and the 85mm f / 1.4. This is always the standard.
There are no particular tips to make this shot. I "saw" the photo when I crossed the child's eyes. I was also lucky to be able in time to adjust my Nikon (shooting always manual) in a few seconds. In my photos I always try to be able to see the original side even in things that seem trivial. This is the only suggestion I can give.

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