Entertainment dancers caught from rafters above the stage





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jalan70 PRO+
jalan70 July 01, 2019
I like this photo -- very creative

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in a club, I was hanging from rafters above to get myself in a good position to take the shot.
Taken at about 11:30pm when the entertainment team / dancers come out on stage, I often work late with photography but photos like this are totally worth it.
Lighting in clubs is dire at best, learning how to use fill and rear sync flash really helped. Being in an environment that changes so frequently is really challenging.
My equipment on this night was the Sony A7iii with a 28-70mm lens and a speedlight with hard diffuser.
I was trying to get something different, take a shot that wasn’t already done by somebody else. Climbing atop of the speakers to the ceiling was a good way to get a new angle.
I made my own presets for nightlife and events so I applied a punchy edit in lightroom and then raised shadows a little more and played with the curve to balance the exposure. But I quite like the clipped highlights so I didn’t adjust too much.
In my camera bag
I’m a fan of the Sony GM series and my two main lenses are the 70-200mm 2.8 and 16-35mm 2.8, then my body is the A7iii. On night or event shoots I have a basic speed lite flash, these are my favourite bits of kit but I have all the little extras for other types of shoots, like film cameras, a drone and extra memory cards etc...
Don’t worry about lowering your shutter all the way to 1/10 on nightlife shoots, if you’re using flash, and using it well, you can still freeze a lot of the motion as well as being able to shoot at a lower iso for clearer images.

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