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Dynmamic Duo, Ayla and Tillie, in action.

Dynmamic Duo, Ayla and Tillie, in action.
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Winner in Dance In B&W Photo Challenge
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Absolute Masterpiece
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Alisa8888 May 05, 2019
Fantastically beautiful
Click_Here May 09, 2019
Thank you. I'm glad you like it. :)
sue-zon PRO
sue-zon May 08, 2019
Fantastische! and so terribly dramatic!
Click_Here May 09, 2019
That's just what I wanted it to be! :)
bobbytaylor71 Premium
bobbytaylor71 May 11, 2019
Wow ... Awesome ... A skillfully well crafted image.
Click_Here May 11, 2019
Thank you! I'm glad you like it!
timestopping May 14, 2019
Click_Here May 14, 2019
Thank you! I love this one too! :)

Behind The Lens

A cosy little studio shot. I was just exploring some basic lighting set ups for nude portraits and dance.
Any time of day works fine in the studio. But this was a dull afternoon with every bit of natural light gone.
Keep it simple. Two lights, one each side of the models. One very, very dim. The other giving a soft light with every flash. Timing was the key element here, that and keeping the models in exactly the right spot in relation to the flash lights.
I used my good and trusty Lumix GX8 mirrorless micro four thirds camera with a 14-150 mm lens set at around 40mm. Studio flash fired by trigger. Hand held. Being quite light, it's easy to shoot for ages and at all angles before the aches and pains creep in.
I love dance and I love movement. I love capturing that perfect impossible moment and freezing it. I wanted to capture that beauty of dance, of movement and of the himan body.
I chose to shoot in monochrome. I think studio nudes can look so much better that way. The only post processing I did was darkening the edges and corners of the background to make the subjects stand out a little more, giving the image that slightest hint of ying and yang.
In my camera bag
Because my little mirrorless Lumix GX8 with 12-100mm lens is so small and neat I can fit lots of things in my bag. A drink, a sandwich, a packet of mints, another zoom lens at 40-150mm, a pair of spare batteries... Oh, and the camera of course. :)
Play. Remember, the camera always lies, giving us licence to make the images we want and not only the images we see. Don't always have a fixed, preconceived idea of your outcomes. Be prepared to experiment and explore and discover something new and unexpected! Studio lighting can do whatever you want it to and still produce a few surprises with every little tweak. The working relationship between photographer and model is crucial here too: We must all know what we want, even if that changes as we shoot.

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