Treecy January 17, 2018
Great shot and such a gorgeous model. Keep up the great work
mariannebesselsen February 27, 2018
KenBrakefield July 06, 2018
Is that Pippa?
BarryMiles July 16, 2018
Love this
DNproSTUDIO December 11, 2018
waw the picture is very clear and beautiful
Austral2019 December 19, 2018
Muy bien lograda¡¡ Inunda todo
Click_Here December 19, 2018
Thank you! :)

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Dec, 2017

Portrait in Prayer

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Behind The Lens

This was taken on my second ever visit to a photo studio. I was just exploring and learning basic lighting set ups for portraits.
Any time of day works fine in the studio. But this was a dark evening in December and every bit of natural light had gone.
Two lights, one each side of the model. One very, very dim. The other giving a soft light with every flash.
I used my good and trusty Lumix GX8 mirrorless micro four thirds camera with a 14-150 mm lens set at around 40mm. Studio flash fired by trigger. Hand held.
After photographing things for over forty years I had a massive portfolio of landscapes, still lifes and nature photos. It was time to learn something new. And this is the result. A new interest in people, portraits and using models.
I played around with lots of edits for this series of photos. Some I made into a bolder design with a sixties feel. But this one I preferred with a bit of bleaching of the colour to give it a slightly spooky aura. Bringing the colour back into the eyes just gave it the boost I wanted.
In my camera bag
My bag.... Because my little mirrorless is so small and neat I can fit lots of things in my bag. A drink, a sandwich, a packet of mints, another zoom lens, a pair of spare batteries... Oh, and the camera of course. :)
Play. Remember, the camera always lies, giving us licence to make the images we want and not only the images we see. Don't always have a fixed, preconceived idea of your outcomes. Be prepared to experiment and explore and discover something new and unexpected!

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