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Treecy May 09, 2018
OMG this blows my mind. Best shot ever!!!!! Great Great Great job Andrew! BEautiful
Click_Here May 10, 2018
Thank you, I'm glad you like it. :)
RamyDelariarte May 10, 2018
Awesome light
Click_Here May 10, 2018
Thank you, I'm glad you like it. :)
sue-zon May 10, 2018
Outstanding in just about every way, my friend . . . and sincerest congratulations on your much-deserved Staff Award! Awesome!!! ッ
Click_Here May 13, 2018
I seem to have done quite well here....593 peer awards and one staff award..and still counting. To be honest, I'm quite surprised! :)
MikeSylvester May 13, 2018
Click_Here May 13, 2018
Thank you. I'm glad you like it. :)
davidwclifton October 28, 2018
WILD, very WILD. I noticed the LIGHTSABER, my son and I built one just like that one.
DNproSTUDIO November 28, 2018
nice lighting for this photo and nice concept

May the Fourth





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Behind The Lens

This image is from a set taken on May 4th....celebrating what is now popularly known as "Star Wars Day" by following the Star Wars theme. The aim was to create the mood rather than the well-known characters.
There's nothing quite like an evening in a cool studio to round off a hard day.
Hand-held at 1/60 was a little bit of a challenge but just about manageable in a dark studio with just two spots and gels each at 45 degrees to the model.
I took this image using my Lumix GX8 with an Olympus 12-100mm zoom, at around 35mm. No flash, no tripod. Sometimes simplicity produces the best results. As for the lightsabre...I won't spoil the illusion on that one. :)
Who could not resist the lure of a "Star Wars" theme on May 4th? I just wanted to explore the shapes and colours rather than replicate the characters that everyone already know.
There wasn't very much to do on this image. Apart from a little boost to the vibrance and the removal of a few floating dust spots this is pretty much the same image as seen on the back of the camera at the time.
In my camera bag
I love my little Lumix GX8. It's small, light and packed with great specs. I carry an Olympus Pro 12-100mm for general use and an Olympus Pro 40-150mm for that extra bit of zoom. Battery life is really good but I still carry a few spares just in case. Because the mirrorless, micro four thirds camera itself is so small I also slip into my bag a bottle of water, a packet of mints and a sandwich. "Travel light", that's my motto.
Simplicity. Don't over-complicate the issue when a simple solution will work best. This image was made in the studio but with just two small lights, but could have been made just about anywhere. Have fun and enjoy what you're doing!

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