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tahmina Apr 05
great shot of the sunrise
AllesSuper Apr 06
Many thanks to our beautiful nature and @ll photographers. :)

Industrial fog

A beautiful sunrise morning
A beautiful sunrise morning
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Behind The Lens

At one of the last summer days, i went out after my nightshift has ended. I want to capture the rising morning fog next to my working place. There, a Geovol geothermie plant is situated with a little lake in its background. So I took my little DJI Mavic Pro copter out of my bag and made exposure and pano series up in the air.
I took the panoramic photos at 6:37 am in the morning, just 10 minutes before the sun rises. So I got the light red glow from the upcoming sunrise.
To capture as many details as possible I made an exposure series. The humidity of the night helped to create such beautiful and misty shroud.
I "just" used a DJI Mavic Pro drone and I love the new kind of perspectives, the current technology is offered to us (hobby) photo- and videographers.
At the end of my night shift, I watched out of the window and said something like "wow" to myself, when I saw the developing scenery of the moving fog outside.
I shot the exposure and series as dng files and combined the pano shots in Adobe Lightroom. Then I used some filters of Luminar to give my flat raw images the right morning color mood, like the early sun painted the clouds in the background. At the last step, my Photoshop algorithms helped me to shapens the aerial panorama.
In my camera bag
At these days, I normaly walk out to take some photos with my newer DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone and/or a Sony 7 III system camera with a 20mm sigma art lense.
Our nature is often unpredictable, so you have to keep open your eyes in every moment. My best photos succeeded at the early morning or in times short before the sunset. Here you get the best and multifaceted light situations and your photos the special touch. Nearly every day, you get a new chance to take your photo.

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