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adelitanunez Feb 14
Nice work!
gbulgini Feb 20
Only one word...WOW!
great picture !

They are always watching. Even on the days you want to disappear.





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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in front of my old house actually. Well all the subjects. They is from another photo I shot a couple years back that I use as a stock sky photo and the castle I got from Adobe Stock. The location of this photo was in Seattle, Washington. United States.
It was a very overcast afternoon in Seattle. There was the lightest bit of rain falling with a brisk air. Had to have been close to 45 degrees outside. It was the first week of January 2019. Also one of the last weeks I would be living in Seattle before moving to Los Angeles for the 3rd time.
Overcast lighting is the greatest lighting there is when shooting outdoors. At least that is my perspective. Especially for creating composited images. It makes the lighting so smooth and easy to blend in post. You can create your own shadows, it makes it so easy to create your own world. I truly adore a nice overcast day. A the light bit of rain always adds a bit of an adventure to it.
I used a Canon 5D Mark 4 with a Canon L-Series 24-70mm 2.8 I shot the depth at 6.0 with no lights. Just good ol natural lighting.
This photo was inspired by the feeling of always being watched. That even when you are not paying attention you are being watched. I like placing things in surreal settings because it leaves it open for interpretation for the viewer. I also love the surrealism just as a whole. To be able to take such literal feelings or perspectives and place them in a world not like our own is an adventure in itself.
Yes. I shot so many images for this piece. Probably about 30 different yellow masked rain jacket guys and the main subject. Each subject in the image is myself, so it was a lot of post processing to make this look like a group image. From color correction, to cutting subjects out and placing them into one image, adding shadows, and additional lighting. Was a fantastic experience of self expression.
In my camera bag
My bag kinda varies. But normally there is always my camera, a couple lens, a small quasar light (incase I don't have enough light outside), a few filters, a few random items from pocket watches to cloaks and you can usually find a cliff bar or some kind of to go snack.
When doing a group composite self portrait make sure you shoot your subject against a solid backdrop different from your subjects wardrobe and skin tone. This creates for a much easier time in post when cutting your subject out to place them in the image you are building. Having even light for all your subjects or matching the light source so it always looks natural. Lastly when shooting self portraits, using a light stand or an object to get focus on, then leaving yourself a mark. So that way you never have any self portraits out of focus. ;)

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