keepclicking December 29, 2018
Crazy capture
aprilf97 December 30, 2018
Beautifully done composition.
elizabethpapadopoulos December 30, 2018
El Greco artistry WELL DONE!!!!!
randyblack December 31, 2018
Excellent creativity!
randyblack December 31, 2018
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Hwphotos Jan 14
Really cool photo

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Nov, 2018

We must love in such a way that those we care for feel free

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Behind The Lens

This photo is a composite image of multiple photos in one. The birds, tree log, man in the rain coat, sky and ocean are all separate photos taken at different times. The ocean was shot in California in the year of 2017. The man in the rain coat was shot in my front yard (it's me) and the tree stump is from a neighborhood next to where I live when I was on a morning stroll with my camera. It happened to be a particularly foggy day that day, and when I saw that tree stump I just knew it would be good for a photo eventually.
Each piece was shot on a cloudy or overcast day. I have found when shooting composite shots, the best lighting is a flat style lighting which you can get in overcast light. This way when you are creating your image, it is easier to create the desired lighting in post.
The lighting of all the images besides the sky and ocean was shot in overcast light. I have found that shooting in overcast light, it's easier to blend the images into any lighting when doing composite shots.
I used a Canon 5D Mark 4, a Canon 24-70mm f4.0 lens and a tripod.
I always enjoy shots with ravens or crows. I own a birdcage and I thought a good metaphor for letting the people you care about be free was to use crows and have them flying from the cage as if they had just been set free.
Yes, I mentioned above in some of the other questions, but this photo is very heavily post processed. First I build the image in photoshop, then brought it into Lightroom for a first round of coloring, then back to photoshop for final coloring details.
In my camera bag
It varies depending on the shoot. But you can always find a Canon 5D Mark 4 and a 24-70mm Lens in my bag :)
I feel I also mentioned this above but primarily, shoot in flat lighting or create the lighting that you are going to want in your final image while shooting your individual images.

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