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BruceTighe Jan 19
happy faces!
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Cool photo! Congrats on your photo contest win!
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Congrats on your win! This is a really great shot! Captures the spirit of the contest and more!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Richmond, Virginia's most famed venue, The National. More specifically, i was perched up in one of the venues' box seats, overlooking the venue from stage left.
This type of quick and dynamic work has always brought me joy. Even after a long day in class or at work, I would always have the energy to run around a music venue. The hours are brutal and the pressure is nerve racking but the experience is priceless. Richmonders come alive at night and this Thursday night show was far from an exception. I ended up snapping this photo right before they changed sets at 9PM.
I kept this photo completely "natural" as i was carrying no lighting equipment. I had to take advantage of the venue's forward-facing lights in order to capture the crowd, since external light on the floor is typically not allowed.
I was working solely with my Nikon D500 and 16-80 f/2.8 lens. Concerts tend to be a fast-paced environment where i am forced to travel as light as possible. Upon request of fan shots, i'll carry a speed light with a tripod/monopod.
I took this photo on assignment for the indie rock group, The Neighborhood, on their 2019 U.S. tour. Although, this photo is of their opening act-the up and coming musical group, Barns Courtney, an energetic modern-rock band from the UK. They were wrapping up their sets' finale when the lead singer suddenly dove onto the pit, resulting in one of the most successful crowd surfs I've ever witnessed. I was focusing on ambiance filled, wide-angled shots when this opportunity presented itself. I love thinking about how a majority of the crowd had likely never heard of BC, but you can just tell by all the smiling faces that they had gained countless new fans. It's truly a relic from pre-covid times.
I believe i boosted the lighting a tad, unsurprisingly the crowd lighting was extremely poor which was worrisome being that i strictly shoot manual.
In my camera bag
No matter the shoot, i always pack my beloved D500. i generally bring along a Nikon f/2.8 16-80mm lens as it's a dynamic lens for fast-paced events, especially in low light. I also carry a Tokina f/2.8 14mm lens for when those super wide shots are necessary. Being able to capture the ENTIRE show is extremely important to marketing agents.
Network, Network, Network. I started by shooting for small local acts at various bars and restaurants, often for free. Over the years i gained references, and more importantly, a large and diverse portfolio. Being friendly and having an open mind goes a long way when trying to get new work. A camera with a quick shutter speed, and strong low light performance is absolutely necessary as well.

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