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Aberdour Castle doocot





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Chiaroscurist September 05, 2018
Great location to work with a model...!
bobbytaylor71 Premium
bobbytaylor71 January 21, 2019
Outstanding creative POV ... Congrats on your Challenge Win, well done.
JDLifeshots January 21, 2019
Great capture. Congrats!
Beno62 PRO+
Beno62 January 21, 2019
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden January 21, 2019
Congratulations on your Challenge Win!
p_eileenbaltz PRO
p_eileenbaltz February 02, 2019
Beautiful work! Congratulations.
jaynecole March 25, 2019
Unique and compelling

Behind The Lens

Aberdour Castle in the Doocot . I was amazed by the fabulous shape of the doocot and how its arches over you, so I was determined to try and capture some of that feeling in the photo.
This was early afternoon about 12:30 and as you can see it was a bright day outside which meant more light to illuminate the interior but huge differences in light and shade from the door and the rooflight
It was one of those aaaaaaaargh moments. No amount of hdr was going to cut it
I used my Sony A7rii withan old 14mm Sigma rectilinear that was Canon EOS fit (old type that worked with film and early digital) so no aperture control on the Sony. I fixed that by riiping out the electrical gubbins in the lens, drilling a small hole in the side, sealing it with cloth and controlling the aperture with a small metal rod(paperclip bent round the aperture lever) I put the camera on one of the doocot shelves for the long exposure and held it in place. Using a delay to minimise movement. Obviously I don’t know what actual aperture value I used but I stopped down about 2/3 of the way , say about f11
I love odd buildings and this struck me as particularly odd and photogenic.
Yes I needed to take multiple photos of the same image at different exposures to allow me to sort the doorway and skylight but the main bulk is one photo.
In my camera bag
As a disabled photographer I have little strength so a grab bag is normally what I take with camera and 2 lenses, one mounted. I love the 24-240mm Sony , which whilst not as wonderful as prime lenses it allows me to carry almost everything in one lens. Depending on what I will be doing I will either thake the 14mm or an old 500mm macro so I can do some macro whilst not disturbing the wildlife. Sometimes I take an old Sony Nex5n that has been modded for infrared use as I like the softness of infrared b&w.
Take lots of images at different exposures and make sure you cover the extremes, there is nothing more frustrating than looking at something in post processing and regretting not having taken additional exposures. Don’t trust what you see on the little display, bracket, bracket and then bracket some more and if paranoid bracket once more. Having to go back hoping the lighting will be the same on some other day just means starting again.

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