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Old bridge on the south coast.
Playing with a little backlighting

Old bridge on the south coast.
Playing with a little backlighting
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Atheights September 26, 2018
Wow thank you all very much for the award i am absolutely honored.
TomasTar PRO+
TomasTar September 27, 2018
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Atheights November 08, 2018
Thank's very much i really appreciate it

Behind The Lens

I shot this photo on the Wellington south coast of wainuiomata, this is the bridge crossing the Orongorongo River.
It was pretty late during the week my friend and I had just finished shooting the Aurora Australis witch is not a common occurrence this far north so it was a beautiful beginning to the evening. Once the Aurora had died down we decided to mess around by tapping a torch to a tripod and take turns doing some backlit silloets.
The lighting we used was just a led torch with Almost flat batteries, some electrical tape and one of our spare tripods to gane some height. The gate's i used my cellphone to bring up the detail and overall brightness of the foreground
The camera i shot this on is the Canon EOS 6D and the Samyang 14mm f2.8 set at f2.8
Inspiration was to try something different and just experiment really, i like to try something i haven't done most times i go out, i find everything i do ether works or not but it's the experimental procedure that i love, it teaches you something every time and widens the skillset for the next trip out.
The processing of this image was as i do with most of my astrophotography, bring up the shadows, trying to even out the overall view then touch up the white balance.. with this image i wanted a airey glow to accentuate and mystifying feel . There was a high amount of Airglow which made the background a little bright but still works overall..
In my camera bag
This question is a "heavy" one. I carry a lot of stuff i like being prepared for a quick change if scenery or plan . In my camera bag i have my two bodies the Canon 6D and 5DSR, Canon 70/200 L f2.8 i like for doing some nice tight landscape shots , Canon 24/70 f2.8 normally use this one for general purpose great lens. Samyang 14mm f2.8 is my go to wide angle lens i use this 80% of the time great affordable lens Samyang 24mm f1.4 great for really dark places really handy. Canon 50mm f1.4 i don't use this as much as i should it's another great light gathering lens.. two tripods carbon manfroto 055 and ballhead x2 Genie mini great for adding some dynamic movement to time lapse Two shutter releases cables for everything. Most the time I'll have my tablet as well as DJI Mavic Pro . All packed into the Mindshift 40L Firstlight. And lighting, headlamp torch and normally assorted batteries for everything
If your interest is in shooting at night time then nice wide prime lenses are great i use Samyang because there cheap and work absolutely great.. it is one of the hardest thing's to shoot good photos in the dark of night focus is crucial, distant lights are great to zoom in on in live view and carefully focus on the other part thats hard is noise reduction high iso and wide lenses do create a bit of noise the Canon 6D is my Choice for night photography due to it having a good balance in hight iso i generally will shoot up to 10,000 iso in some scenes with the Samyang 14mm f2.8 20-30 second exposure times but every shoot will be different, i say experiment and take plenty of test shots the rule of 500 works well to stop star trails. These day's i use photo pills as a guide for some adjustments it works great if you are just starting out. But the best bit of advice is to just get out and shoot, be as adjustable as your camera try different things out all the time and enjoy the experience of learning new techniques to get exactly what you have in mind.

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