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bobtoye PRO+
bobtoye May 03, 2018
What a great find! Love your treatment of the interior.
chiphendershot PRO+
chiphendershot May 04, 2018
Thank you!
speterson6 PRO+
speterson6 May 21, 2018
Very unique and creative work. Well done Chip
chiphendershot PRO+
chiphendershot May 21, 2018
Thank you Steve!
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden July 11, 2018
Congratulations on your Challenge Award!
chiphendershot PRO+
chiphendershot July 11, 2018
Thank you : )
Danmuth October 20, 2018
Cool shot. Thanks for entering my challenge. How did you find it since it is not on the main challenge list?
chiphendershot PRO+
chiphendershot October 21, 2018
Thank you! It showed up in my notifiactions because I follow you.

Behind The Lens

I found this on a friends property in a small wooded area. As a car collector Frank has many parts car and this vehicle was just that. Most of the body was gone which gave me a really good POV.
I photographed this on May 3rd around 9:40 AM. The owner of the vehicle is a friend and directed me where I could find it the night before I shot the image.
Late morning and was partly sunny. Being it was in a wooded area it provided a nice even lighting situation.
I used my Nikon D700 with a Nikon 14-24mm lens. Camera was hand held.
I saw many abandoned/junk car images on viewbug that inspired me to locate and capture some of my own images.
I wanted the image to show as much detail as possible. I used Photoshop with the Nik Collection to get some of what I was looking for in the image. I finished up post-processing using my favorite software, Topaz Studio with the Pro Bundle. I used their precision contrast and precision detail to give the image its final look.
In my camera bag
I shoot with a Nikon D700 or a Sony A7R mirrorless. I have a large selection of Nikon ED, AF and AF-S lenses as well as adapters to use older Canon FD mount manual focus lenses. When using my Sony I shoot with vintage c mount lenses. My favorite c mount brands are Kinoptik, Angeniuex, Cooke, Wollensak and Birns & Sawyer Hollywood lenses. These lenses were designed for 16mm cine cameras. I use these lenses for the amazing creamy bokeh they produce.
Their never seems to be a shortage of old rusty vehicles. Personally I love surface rust, weathered paint and the grunge found on old cars and trucks that have been sitting for years. These are the details that will add to the character of the image. I was fortunate to have a friend that owns many of these rusty classics which made the process easy. With todays social media and online market places for selling it takes little effort to locate these types of vehicles for sale. Sellers are usually open to someone photographing a vehicle they are trying to sell. As the photographer you can offer them free image files to help sell there rusty classic for permission to create your absolute master piece.

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