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Jinjii December 11, 2017
Love that her eyes are closed. Would still be a great shot if they were open but her closed eyes give a seamless view of her geisha makeup.
atulspecial January 10, 2018
Jack_Key February 08, 2018
Voted Covers photo contest vol 44
davechenoweth November 24, 2018
The awesome detail of this picture is amazing

A flower in the middle of flowers

Young Maiko (apprentice geisha) in the middle of Cherry Blossom, Kyoto
Young Maiko (apprentice geisha) in the middle of Cherry Blossom, Kyoto
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the garden of a temple in Kyoto, Japan
After taking a number of photos inside the temple, I took a last series outside of the temple, in the garden among the incredible cherry blossoms just before 5 pm as the sunlight started to become gentle.
Simple natural light, at the right time -- late afternoon.
This was shot with my trusted Nikon D810 and my good friend, the 70-200 mm f2.8
The maiko (apprentice geisha) are called "flower" in Japanese. The beginning of April is the cherry blossoms season and I thought a flower within flowers would be nice.
Nothing much except for standard tonal adjustment and a couple of details, all done in Lightroom.
In my camera bag
The equipment I take with me really depends on the project and the subject. I often have only one camera body and one or maybe two zoom lenses (24-70 mm f2.8 and 70-200 mm f2.8). For special photo shoot or portrait sessions, I often add one or two prime lenses such as the 85 mm f1.4 or a 24 mm f1.4. In the case of events or festival, I may bring two camera bodies and the two above mentioned zoom lenses.
I'd say be careful of the time of day -- nothing replaces good lighting, and early morning or late afternoon provide the best chances for good soft natural light. After this, everything will depend on the subject, the composition, etc.

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