davidparkhurst February 11, 2018
Very good
wfmagee13 August 20, 2018
Different shades of her hair are cool.

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Jun, 2017


From a hair shoot for l'oreal amazing fun and we achieved some great work!

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Behind The Lens

This was taken in a local salon. The upstairs was a decent space and amazingly had an grey background. The low celling allowed a more controlled lighting style
Evening time is when most of my shoots are done. People seem more relaxed after the day and you can have fun! It was a Friday night to so a few drinks was mandatory!
This is a single £40 manual speedlight and a £5 shoot through umbrella. It was at the start of my career and I was just looking at lighting and didn't want to invest too heavily. I now have an army of these manual speedlight I and will never look back !
This was a Nikon D5200 hand held with a 55-200mm f4_5.6 so pretty low level gear. I really pushed this camera as I didn't want to spend thousands on a full frame camera and not have the fundamentals down. I want to exhaust my gear and I still don't think I have achieved that!
It was for a l'oreal hair competition entry for the salon and an organic shoot that I really wanted. I've wanted to break into fashion but there wasn't much in the way of models or bloggers but the salon reached out and 2 of our stylists made the live finals with my images, we were really chuffed.
Yes definitely . Photoshop is my go too. I barely touch the image in camera raw as I try and set white balance in camera. Their is skin retouched using frequency separation and colour corrections. Boosted contrast and a light colour mask over the skin to aid the glow.
In my camera bag
Now adays it's my D750 and my 35\85mm 1.8g primes. From documentary style to posed portraits I have sharp, quick and deep photos from this perfect combination. Having the DX mode also gives me a 50mm from the 35mm and a 127mm with the 85mm. If you can drop quality this is a formidable combo for any situation .
Plan the shot and learn the inverse square law! When I was learning I would move the light a foot here and there to get the shot. I remember doing about 30 shots of this one image. Which leads me to don't give up! If it's not working work backwards...remove all light and add slowly, do you want ambient? Flash? Hard light or soft? This will then direct you to the final image! Both my models were friends too with no formal training so don't be scared to move them to exactly where you want them, they will be thankful for the time spent posing for an amazing final image.

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