200 tries to get that one shot! Lights fans and model come together seamlessly!

200 tries to get that one shot! Lights fans and model come together seamlessly!
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Behind The Lens

This image was taken in a salon in my local town. We were entering a L'oreal Colour Championships award. i used the grey walls of the salon to give the model the forefront of the image
this was at night, about 8pm. I was solely using flash in this image to control the highlights and shape the hair.
This was a single speedlite and a shoot through umbrella! i asked an assistant to hold the light a meter above the model and tilted to feather a little, i didn't want hot spots on the hair. Unusually, i wanted harder shadows in the image to give drama to the hair flowing and chisel the models face dramatically.
This was shot on my Nikon D5200 with a 55-200mm VRii lens. a Yongnuo YN560 iv flash and trigger system. I love to push my gear to the limit, so I was really happy that this image came from consumer level gear about $750 for the whole set up!
The brief for the competition was to high light the colour of the hair and show off the hair stylists colouring ability. After taking some static shots, the stylist and I just weren't diggin' the image. we asked the model to move and i snapped during this pose transition, and had an idea or upping the flash power to freeze the hair. After about 200 attempts, we got it!
Full beauty retouch on this image. Frequency separation on the skin for texture and colour corrections. Dodge and Burn to accentuate the shadows. soft blue tint in the shadows for drama and applied image blending of orange to the highlights and midtones.
In my camera bag
Since upgrading I now have a Nikon D750, Nikon D7200 and a AFS 35mm f1.8, 50mm f1.8D and AFS 85mm f1.8. the D7200 is a main go to, although a crop sensor, using the 85mm gives me a 127.5mm equivalent, and with out the optical low pass filter, this is a really sharp combo for images.
Shoot every day! make mistakes, its the only way to learn! please don't be disheartened if its not right first time, or you have a poor shoot, learn from it and extrapolate the good! Think about the exposure triangle and when working with flash build up slowly, i waited about 2 years until feeling like i needed a second light! Happy Shooting!

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